Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Torchwood: Web Of Lies Full Details

Torchwood: Web Of Lies will be a new 10 part 3-minute motion comic epiosdes that will be released weekly prior to the Miracle Day epiosdes, which will start to air on BBC One next month. The BBC Today released full details on whats to come.

The Web Of Lies episodes will be released weekly, with the first instalment free from Itunes. Then after that there will be a punch of three episodes together in a pack of 3 at 59p, or you will beable to buy a special pack of all 10 episodes at £1.79

Written by Jane Espenson and Ryan Scott, the story reveals a past day which neither Jack Harkness or Gwen Cooper can remember. The events of that day fuelled a modern day conspiracy-laced treasure hunt led by Holly Mokr, who is voiced by Eliza Dushku.

Each episode will reveal clues linked in with the Miracle Day as well as a new game.

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